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The Consumer Code for New Homes, approved by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute, has been established to ensure that best practice is followed by registered Developers in respect of the marketing & selling of New Homes to consumers. The Code also sets expected standards for after sales customer care service.

It has been established to be of maximum benefit to consumers and its ultimate aim is to provide a genuine commitment to consumers, to improving standards of construction and raise customer service standards in the New Homes market, recognising that part of that commitment is providing consumers with a voice and a clear complaints process when things simply don’t go according to plan when they buy a New Home.

The Code applies to all Developers registered with the Code and establishes mandatory requirements that all Developers must meet. Developers must adopt the standards of good practice, procedures, and information in the Developer Guidance to meet each Requirement, unless they take a different approach to satisfying the Requirements. If they take such a different approach, they must provide a similar level of information and achieve a similar outcome to what the Guidance says.

The Code is underpinned by an Independent Dispute Resolution Scheme operated through CEDR Limited. This deals with Disputes that are raised with the Developer from the Reservation date until two years after the date of Legal Completion.

The Code also benefits second and subsequent Buyers of the New Home but only in respect of after sales matters reported to the Developer within two years of the date of the Legal Completion of the original New Home purchase.

Purpose of the Code

The aim of the Code is for all Buyers:

  • to be treated fairly by the Developer (and their Agent)
  • to understand the Developer’s legal status and identity as a company, so the Buyer understands who they have bought their New Home from
  • to be given clear and reliable information on which to make informed decisions about purchasing a New Home
  • to know what standards the Developer must deliver for the New Home
  • to know what service levels to expect from the Developer (and their Agent)
  • to receive clear advice about the main aspects of the New Home that the Buyer will need to maintain
  • to know how to access timely arrangements for resolving Disputes if they are dissatisfied
  • who may be Vulnerable to be identified and given suitable support to help them make decisions.

Update to the Code!

The Code has recently launched Version 5 which is effective for all reservations from 1 January 2024. Make sure you understand what changes have been made and what you will need to do to comply with the new version of the Code.

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Downloads for Estate Agents & Solicitors

Version 5 – Applies to all reservations from 1st January 2024

The Code – Version 5             Developer Guidance – Version 5             Guide for Buyers of New Homes – Version 5             Summary of Changes to the Code – Version 5



Version 4 – Applies to all reservations up to and including 31st December 2023

The Code – Version 4             Developer Requirements – Version 4
Guide for Buyers of New Homes – Version 4