About the Code

What is the Code?

The Code establishes mandatory requirements that apply to all Developers registered with the Code.

Where a Developer (or their Agent) is found to be in serious breach of the Code, the Code Sponsor can apply a range of sanctions, including removal from the Code’s register of Members. This will also result in removal from the registers maintained by the Warranty Bodies who support the Code.

The Code provides a clear consumer complaints process supported by an independent Dispute Resolution Scheme for consumer complaints that arise and are made in writing to the Developer within two years of the date of the Completion of the New Home purchase.

The Code also benefits second and subsequent Buyers of the New Home but only in respect of after sales matters reported within two years of the date of the Completion of the New Home purchase.

Nothing contained within this Code affects a Buyer’s existing legal rights and does not replace any existing legislation regarding the sale and marketing of New Homes to consumers.

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The Code covers the New Home buying process to ensure that the selling activities the Developer engages in are of a consistently high standard. This includes:

  • Pre-Purchase Stage: Ensuring high standards of customer service, fair and clear documentation and adequate information provision
  • Contract Exchange Stage: Governing the Contract of Sale, requiring minimum standards for fair and transparent contracts and accurate information about when the property will be available and protecting deposits
  • Handover and After Sales: Providing minimum standards for handover and after sales processes, ensuring consumers’ health & safety and ensuring they have suitable information for maintaining and living in their property
  • Complaints & Disputes: Giving consumers access to clear, speedy and low cost dispute resolution if things don’t go according to plan

The Code ensures that Buyers of New Homes:

  • are treated fairly by the Developer (and their Agent)
  • are confident about the Developer’s legal and professional status as a company
  • are given clear and reliable information upon which to make decisions about purchasing a New Home
  • know what standards of construction to expect from the Developer
  • know what service levels to expect from the Developer (and their Agent)
  • understand what they have to do to maintain their New Home and address any problems that may arise
  • know how to access speedy, free dispute resolution arrangements if they are dissatisfied
  • in a vulnerable position are identified and given suitable support to help assist them in making decisions