Solicitors & Estate Agents

To ensure the high standards of the Code are maintained Developers must meet certain obligations:

  • Sign a Code Member Agreement consenting to abide by the rules of the Code
  • Train all consumer-facing staff (including Agents) so that they fully understand the Code requirements
  • Ensure all advertisements and marketing material is clear, truthful and not misleading
  • Publicise their commitment to the Code on their website and wherever they sell New Homes
  • Provide Buyers clear pre-purchase information so that they can make informed decisions about purchasing a New Home
  • Provide a fair and clear Contract of Sale, clearly explaining any terms and conditions
  • Provide additional support to Vulnerable Consumers including first-time Buyers
  • Protect all Buyers deposits and any pre-payments they make
  • Provide reliable and realistic information about construction, completion and handover dates
  • Provide high standards of construction and service levels
  • Have a clear complaints procedure and take part in the alternative dispute resolution process in good faith, abiding by any awards made
  • Provide regular monitoring information to assist us with measuring the effectiveness of the Code