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The Code applies to all Developers registered with the Code and establishes mandatory requirements that all Developers must meet in the marketing and selling of New Homes and in their After-Sales Service.

In addition to the specific Requirements, we provide Developers with Guidance to help demonstrate ways to support consumers. This information can also help consumers understand what to expect from their Developer.

Developers must adopt the standards of good practice, procedures, and information in the Guidance to meet each Requirement, unless they take a different approach to satisfying the Requirements. If they take such a different approach, they must provide a similar level of information and achieve a similar outcome to what the Guidance says.

Some of the key Requirements of the Code mean that all Developers must:

  • Train all consumer-facing staff (including Agents) so that they fully understand the Code requirements
  • Ensure all advertisements and marketing material is clear, truthful and not misleading
  • Publicise their commitment to the Code on their website and wherever they sell New Homes
  • Provide Buyers with clear and detailed information at Reservation stage so that they can make informed decisions about entering into Contract with a Developer to purchase a New Home
  • Respect that all reservations require a 14-calendar day Cooling-Off Period.
  • Provide a fair and clear Contract of Sale, clearly explaining any terms and conditions and termination rights
  • Be able to identify and provide additional support to Vulnerable Customers
  • Protect all Buyer Deposits and any pre-payments they make
  • Provide reliable and realistic information about construction standards, completion and handover dates
  • Give Buyers the opportunity to conduct a Pre-Completion Inspection
  • Not offer financial incentives to encourage Customers to complete on a New Home which has not yet met warranty quality standards.
  • Have a clear complaints procedure and take part in the Independent Dispute Resolution Scheme in good faith, abiding by any decisions made

Registered Members

Registered Members of the Code will also need to do the following:

  • Meet the Requirements & Guidance of the Consumer Code for New Homes.
  • Sign a Code Member Agreement.
  • Annually provide Member information to maintain your registration.
  • Commit to meeting the Code requirements and adapt your systems and procedures accordingly.

How is the Code enforced?

If a Developer is found to be in serious breach of the Code, the Code can apply a range of sanctions, these include:

  • removal of the Company from the Consumer Code for New Homes’ register and all Company Directors banned, and
  • removal from the relevant Structural Warranty Bodies’ register, and
  • exclusion from all registers run by other Structural Warranty Bodies that take part in the Code Scheme.

If a Developer is removed from the Code, we will also notify other Chartered Trading Standards Institute Approved Codes in the New Homes sector, of Companies and Directors removed from Consumer Code for New Homes register and the reasons why.

Update to the Code!

The Code has recently launched Version 5 which is effective for all reservations from 1 January 2024. Make sure you understand what changes have been made and what you will need to do to comply with the new version of the Code.

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Downloads for Solicitors & Estate Agents

Version 5 – Applies to all reservations from 1st January 2024

The Code – Version 5            Developer Guidance – Version 5         Guide for Buyers of New Homes – Version 5         Summary of Changes to the Code – Version 5



Version 4 – Applies to all reservations up to and including 31st December 2023

The Code – Version 4             Developer Requirements – Version 4
Guide for Buyers of New Homes – Version 4