Consumer Code for New Homes Passes Annual Audit

Consumer Code for New Homes passes Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) audit for the seventh year in a row.

A key part of being a Chartered Trading Standards Institute Approved Code is having a thorough annual audit. Consumer Code for New Homes are delighted that they have passed their audit for the seventh year.  The audit focused on Code Members training, compliance, and sanctions for non-compliance with the Code, plus consumer complaints handling and the Code Independent Dispute Resolution Scheme.

The audit report concluded that Consumer Code for New Homes new Code wording is well written, comprehensive, and fully complies with the Code approval standards. Credit was also given to Consumer Code for New Homes for working with Consumer Code for Home Builders in aligning our Code wording.

Sarah Langley, Managing Director of Consumer Code for New Homes said ‘We have recently updated the Code wording along with all the guidance, training and systems and processes that sits behind the Code. The audit was an opportunity for external independent auditors to examine the Code improvements we have made and assess us against the Consumer Code Approval Scheme (CCAS) criteria.  It is important to us to have that independent external review on an annual basis.’

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